Lameze Stout and coffee in Sidmouth.

Lameze’s new business hopes to create a buzz about coffee in Sidmouth.

An independent coffee roaster is hoping to cause quite a buzz with her homemade blends.

Coffee lover Lameze Stout is making her a mission to make sure people have the perfect cuppa at home with her business Buzz Coffee Roasters, blended in her back garden in Sidmouth.

Using beans from across the globe, she has purchased a coffee roasting machine called ‘Hester’ to perfect her products through the skills learnt on a coffee roasting course.

The mum-of-two says observation, smell, taste are the three key ingredients to making the perfect coffee roast and even making a mistake can lead to a breakthrough.

Mrs Stout said: “Every single blend is different.

“I love coffee and I am a bit of a geek when it comes to machinery. I went in completely blind. I had not even seen a green coffee bean before. I just knew I wanted coffee to be better. I love the idea of let’s go for a coffee, lets come together and have a coffee together. I think it’s just magic. It is the magic of how it all happens and at the end you get a really good cup of coffee afterwards. If you do make a mistake you might come up with something really good.”

On her packaging she details where the beans have come from with information about the bean and where it was farmed.

Mrs Stout said: “I always get information from the farmer or supplier where it has been farmed, how high above sea level it was grown at and a bit about the farmer we are supporting. Where I get my coffee from it is about the sustainability of that farmer’s well being.”

She hopes to move out of her summer house into a unit in Alexandria Industrial Estate allowing people to stop in to watch the process, try and buy.

Mrs Stout said: “I would like to be able to do the roasting on site and that people would be able to come and see what’s going on. We would have three to four tables and chairs and learn how to make coffee at home. You have all these baristas doing it in restaurant and when you go home you really want to have a good cup of coffee there too. People have been really supportive. I was procrastinating for doing something for myself for a long time and now talking to people I was overwhelmed that people are generally interested. Some people can’t be bothered to make coffee but there are lots of people like the whole Sunday morning feeling to make a proper coffee. It is worth the faff.”

You will soon be able to order from Buzz Coffee Roasters website or from the Dairy Shop in Church Street.

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